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    Analog Memory Desk by Kirsten Camara

    I would love one of these!

  2. Estudio Menta   |   http://estudiomenta.mx

    “Svago is an Italian–Mexican restaurant located in Mexico City. The logotype was deeply inspired in Italian Art Deco, geometry in typography, street trattorias and traditional printing processes like silk screen.”

    Estudio Menta is a multidisciplinary graphic atelier based in Guadalajara, Mexico, directed by Laura Méndez. The focus of her practice is on experimentation. Through a workshop methodology, she features lively colors and natural traces that are representative of her beautifully crafted visual language.

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  3. The Corner Deli



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    The Secret Garden

    The Secret Garden is a traditional Cape Cod bed & breakfast that has been around for generations, thus it was important to develop a brand that was fresh & contemporary to attract a new generation of guests, but also kept its flair for quaint charm and nostalgia in tact.


  7. lovedesignlife:

    Anagrama’s iden­tity, col­lat­eral and pack­ag­ing design for Cocolobo, a high-end women’s fash­ion boutique.

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    Belinda Now­ell is a screen play writer who, hav­ing just foun­ded her own busi­ness, came to us for an iden­tity. Being that storytelling is an integ­ral part of her busi­ness, we developed this eleg­ant mark that com­bines a styl­ised book with a cap­ital “B”. The applic­a­tion of this mark then plays with ori­ent­a­tion, sug­gest­ing this duel meaning.

    The busi­ness card takes this idea a step fur­ther, sand­wich­ing a piece of white stock between two grey stocks to evoke the idea of a book.


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    Aspergers East Anglia

    A charity that offers support and assistance to sufferers of Asperger syndrome.


  11. Parisi Bakery


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  12. The Inside


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